Spain 2022: COVID in Sevilla

Of course COVID dominates life here as it does at home. After a week+ we can say that the approach to COVID here is similar to what we experience in Ontario, although there are differences. There seems to be much less of the constant rule changes that we see in Ontario. The most obvious example is the café/restaurante business which is pervasive (one survey says 20% of the population visit a café/restaurant/bar every day). We can’t imagine the off/on approach (dine in; don’t dine in; capacity limits) here. Some restaurants ask for proof of vaccinations (our Ontario certs are accepted), but it is not commonly done. Antigen tests are available at a fixed price (about $4) and only through pharmacias. The vast majority of people here wear masks at all times outside, but it is not uncommon to see people without (especially on Sunday). Most small stores have limited capacities posted. Schools opened last week as usual. So our day-to-day lives aren’t radically different except for the weather (much, much better!) and the language (much, much worse!). And we eat out a lot more often 🙂