Spain 2004

Today we are beginning our second trip to Spain in the last six months. We spent a week+ in Madrid in October 2003 and thoroughly enjoyed it. This trip will be quite a bit longer (just over three weeks) and will span more of the country.

Barcelona will be our first stop, arriving on 1 May. We will explore Barcelona and environs for a week and then travel slowly north and west, after renting a car. After Barcelona, our first stay will be in Uncastillo, where we will stay at Posada La Pastora for three nights. Then, on to the Rioja region, where we are going to stay for six nights at Hotel Villa de Ábalos in the small village of Ábalos.

After that, we are unsure at this point how far we will get, but our experience tells us that it will be less than we think! So, we may get as far west as Salamanca, but we may not have enough time. We’d like to visit the Ribera del Duero region and lots of other places! However, we only have so much time. Eventually we will end up in Madrid for three nights and leave from there on 23 May.

📷 Photographs


Rioja (15 May 2004, Olympus C-3040Z).