Europe 2016

After a nearly three-year absence, we have returned to Europe (which we have missed). After flying in to Schiphol, we quickly caught a train to Brugge where we stayed for a week. Leaving Brugge in our rented car, we made a short visit to Ypres and the Sanctuary Wood Memorial on our way to Germany. One of the reasons we came to this part of Europe at this time was that Susan had two great-uncles and a cousin killed at Sanctuary Wood 100 years ago (in June 1916). Finally, back to Amsterdam for a few days before returning to Canada. Three weeks, all told.

📷 Photographs


In the Minnewaterpark, Brugge. (17 Sep 2016, Nexus 6P).
In the Minnewaterpark, Brugge (17 Sep 2016, Nexus 6P).