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We aren't the only ones enjoying the cone flowers
Our first of the season ... just picked.
Wordle 773 2/6

Insalata caprese (probably our favourite) for supper tonight with everything (except the bufala mozzarella) from our garden: tomato, basil, parsley, lettuce. Also chives.
Wordle 784 2/6

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We think this is a Canadian tiger swallowtail
Terrific result! And Olga is from Sevilla.
Taken by my mother who was visiting while I was living in Windsor. Fifty years ago today.
Nice day for the annual memorial service at Kirkhill.
The supply is exceeding the demand these days!
Wordle 812 2/6

On the bus in Edinburgh; ten years ago today.
Our rose bush continues to deliver
Wordle 825 2/6