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First tomato blossoms
🇵🇸 Every spring CCVS has a "chalk event" in front of the main entrance. This year the struggle of the people in #Palestine was well represented.
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After skipping last year, the song sparrows are once again building a nest in our southern hanging basket.
And one month later, the nest is empty ... five eggs - five birdlets - gone.
First hint of colour on our rose bush
And so it begins
Dwarf mallow discovered in our garden.
The centre of a rose
And our first Stella d'Oro daylily bloom of the year.
Possibly a baby sun rose
Beautiful butterfly weed just exploding
Our bee balm is stunning this year
Cornflower (or bachelor's button) just starting to show off
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Brown-eyed susan just about ready
Purple cone flowers just getting started
The blue of these forget-me-nots is lovely. Set off nicely by the butterfly weed.
Ten years ago ... liberté, égalité, fraternité!
The mint in our garden is flowering